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Mass processing of alignments

[version française] Importing alignments Delete alignments Importing notes Importing ark identifiers It is possible to massively edit the alignments, the notes and the ark identifiers of the concepts of a thesaurus. These interventions are...


To start a thesaurus

[version française] Once connected, the creation of a thesaurus is done via the ‘Toolbox’ menu and the ‘Edit’ page. Click on ‘New’ to open the thesaurus creation window. It is in this window that...



[version française] Webservices REST Opentheso from 4.4.2 version (Miled Rousset) To download the last version of the API REST documentation, go to GitHub. PS :  is the example about PACTOLS thesaurus of Frantiq. Searching...



[version française] Opentheso is available as opensource on GitHub. Opentheso is distributed under the CeCILL C license, a french license compatible with the GNU GPL license. To install Opentheso: Download ‘WAR‘ Install Opentheso on Debian Install...



[version française] To edit the ValueSuggest module for Omeka-S to index your thesaurus handle by Opentheso Install the ValuSuggest module Go to the folder (homeOmekaS/modules/ValueSuggest/src/Suggester/Pactols) Edit the file (PactolsAll.php), and adapt the information about...

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