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To edit the ValueSuggest module for Omeka-S to index your thesaurus handle by Opentheso

  1. Install the ValuSuggest module
  2. Go to the folder (homeOmekaS/modules/ValueSuggest/src/Suggester/Pactols)
  3. Edit the file (PactolsAll.php), and adapt the information about you thesaurus:

$lang = $lang ?: ‘fr‘;

        $params = [‘q’ => $query, ‘lang’ => $lang, ‘theso’ => ‘th267’, ‘format’ => ‘jsonld’];

        $response = $this->client




        if (!$response->isSuccess()) {

            return [];


  1. Get back in OmekaS and activate the ValueSuggest module
  2. Add (Resource templates)
  • Edit the data type for this field (Subject) and choose (PactolsAll)
  • Add an item, choose the template (Sujets)
  • Into the field (Subject), enter some letters, the autocompletion will activate to propose you corresponding terms
  •  !!!! Whatch out !!!!!  to make it works on an Opentheso serveur with the https protocole, OmekaS must be installed with https protocole too

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