To start a thesaurus

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Once connected, the creation of a thesaurus is done via the ‘Toolbox’ menu and the ‘Edit’ page. Click on ‘New’ to open the thesaurus creation window. It is in this window that you must define the name and the main language of the thesaurus.

Create a new thesaurus

Once the thesaurus created, you can return on the edit page and click on the ‘Modify’ button to add a new language. You also can define the public or private status of tyour thesaurus.

Edit a thesaurus

⚠ Only the name of the concept is mandatory when creating a new concept.

Then, you can create top concept.

Create a topTerm

You can add concept to top concept.

Create a concept

Your thesaurus is ready to be enriched.

For more informations on the different types of relationships, as well as how to build a thesaurus, see the article ‘Building a thesaurus’.

To learn how to navigate and browse in a thesaurus, see the article ‘Navigate and browse’.

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